sara silkin

MFA USC School of Cinematic
Arts/ Film & Production

B.A.  UCLA World Arts & Cultures

Artistic Director

Glorya Kaufman Performance Arts CenterAt Vista Del Mar

My multi-disciplinary work utilizes dance and cinema to analytically decompose movement and explore the concept of the ‘‘mind-body connection”, in relation to mental illness.  Movement is expressive of an individual’s inner state and can communicate information physically both unconsciously or consciously. By capturing the gestures, the spatial patterns, and the tension stored in the body’s memory, I aim for the viewer to have a visceral experience that leads them to question their own physical language.

Contact: Sara

Lost Mind

Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company commission  Winter 2020

One day, his brain broke­– or maybe it wasn’t just in one day?” LOST MIND is a narrative dance film exploration of the psyche by director, writer, and choreographer Sara Silkin. LOST MIND recounts her inability to identify her father's mental illness throughout her life. With her powerful application of surrealist movement imagery, she recreates the emotional physical highs experienced during a manic episode, followed by the endless spirals of depression caused by bipolar disorder.--